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  • Marina Martinez

    Marina Martinez

    Global sustainability researcher. Writing about the controversial relationships among People, Nature, and Economy.

  • Nikolaos Barbaressos

    Nikolaos Barbaressos

    Freelance Journalist β€” Foreign Policy, Immigration, Prison Reform, Race Issues, Middle East, Islam, Technology.

  • Isabella


    19 | Policy Youth Advisor for @PlanUK | Former Youth Councillor | Ballet Enthusiast | International Relations | πŸ’­ are my own |

  • April Schodowski

    April Schodowski

  • Matthew Blankley

    Matthew Blankley

    History and Anthropology student at SLU. Interested in History, Politics, Table Top Games and Rock n’ Roll. Medievalist.

  • Ivan S Kirkpatrick

    Ivan S Kirkpatrick

    Engineer and veteran, 13 years of Design Engineering, 20+ years in Software Engineering, Go enthusiast. I read a lot, write some too, ivank2139@protonmail.com

  • Tim Libretti, PhD

    Tim Libretti, PhD

    Professor of Literature, Political Economy enthusiast, Dad, always thinking about the optimal world

  • Jd Hollingsworth

    Jd Hollingsworth

    US Marine Veteran β€” US History teacher

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